Friday, 13 February 2015

Easy, Last Minute Valentine's Day DIYs

Still looking for that perfect gift for your loved one or Galentine? Here's a list of 14 quick & easy DIY Valentine's Day gifts and treats that you can whip up, even at the last minute!

Valentine's Day is tomorrow...TOMORROW!!! This year, L and I have decided that we are just going to give each other homemade gifts, and that we aren't going to spend a lot of money - we are saving for a wedding, and L is getting ready to go back to school, so there isn't really a whole lot of extra cash just floating around for expensive, store bought gifts. Regardless, I have always preferred giving personalized, handmade gifts; they just bring a little something special to the occasion, and show the person that you actually know them and what they love.

Are you still looking for that perfect gift for your special someone? For me at least, the first part of this year has just flown by, and Valentine's Day has totally snuck up on me, so I am definitely on the last minute train this year. I've been all over my favorite blogs looking for some last minute inspiration and here are my Top 14 Picks (one for each day of the month leading up to the day of love) for quick and easy DIY treats and gifts!

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

XOXO Felt Garland

The Valentine's Day decorating continues! Ever since I decided that I wanted to decorate for Valentine's Day, I've been scouring Pinterest for ideas. I came across this one Pin that I added from over 2 years ago of a wonderful garland that perfectly fit in with my personal decor style; the pin came from an Etsy shop...that unfortunately is now closed! So, obviously I had to make one of these perfect garlands for myself!

Monday, 2 February 2015

Style Inspiration: Craft Rooms

I walked into my craft room/spare bedroom/cat room today and was waaaaay overwhelmed at all the chaos that is currently going on in there.

In recent weeks, I've gotten my hands on so many great deals on craft supplies, which makes me so happy. I also have been working many weird hours at my "day job" (I don't usually work days, but it sounds wrong to say my "night job" haha), and am short on storage in my craft room, so needless to say it looks like a tornado has ripped through my space.

Obviously the thing to do was to browse through Pinterest and some of my favorite blogs to come up with inspired solutions for organizing my space, instead of, you know, actually organizing my space!

Here are some clever organizing tips, storage solutions, and some of my overall favorite spaces!