Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Best BBQ Tips for Summer

Summer is coming for us on the east coast, and I couldn't be more excited. And with summer comes the best things - warm, sunny days, outdoor gatherings with friends, and of course BBQs! My absolute favorite way of cooking is on the barbecue. If I could do it all year round, I would; however, because we get such terrible winter weather (as much as I love it, I'm not standing at a BBQ in a blizzard), I always take full advantage of the months when barbecuing is possible.

Even though L and I barbecue on a regular basis every summer, we are by no means professionals...things still smoke and occasionally burn, and usually we stick with old faithful barbecue options - burgers, hot dogs, sausages. This year, I've decided to expand my barbecue horizons, and learn how to 'cue properly. I've toured around the blogosphere and gathered up some of my favorite all purpose barbecuing tips that will certainly be put into practice this BBQ season!

How To Grill Anything - Dawn Perry, Real Simple
This is quite literally a guide for how to properly grill anything - beef, pork, poultry, seafood, kebabs, fruits & veggies. This article give the basics of proper heat distribution, cook time, and final internal temperature - with a bonus tip - for each cut of meat or type of fruit/veg. This is an awesome go-to guide for beginners and pros alike.

10 Things Every Good Griller Should Know - Paul Hope, Good Housekeeping
This article delivers the basics for nailing the right grill temperature, getting the perfect sear, and how to get perfect flavor - smoke or otherwise. It provides great tips for gas and charcoal grills so nobody is left out!

There is nothing worse, in my mind, than not being able to grill all your food in the summer (that may or may not be an exaggeration); this article gives great tips for indoor grilling, so those without outdoor space can get that sought after flavour without smoking up their entire house. This is a must read for apartment dwellers, and for those wishing to grill all year round regardless of the weather outside!

Sure, everyone thinks they know how to make a good burger, and most people are probably right. This article gives great tips for making big, delicious, and juicy burgers so everyone can be a pro! My favorite part of this article is that is gives a little science behind the perfect burger, so you can learn a little something with your supper.

5 Techniques for Great Grilled Chicken - Stacy Adimando and Tracey Seaman, Rachael Ray Mag
I love chicken, any way, any time. But it can be one of the most fickle things to cook, especially on the grill...if you don't know what you're doing. This article lists 5 different techniques for cooking chicken, along with advice on how to nail each technique every single time. As a bonus, there are links included for recipes that pair well with each cooking technique.

5 Tips for Better Grilled Pizza - Cambria Bold, The Kitchn
Everybody loves pizza, right? Seriously, though. I don't think I know anyone who doesn't like pizza. And one of the best ways to cook pizza is on the BBQ; you get this awesome char, and everything is crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside, just like it should be. This article guides you through how to make the best grilled pizza, which I'm sure it will soon become a summer staple (if it's not already!).

Three BBQ Rubs - Jennifer, Simple Hacks Living
Probably the most important thing to do when barbecuing is to flavor your food, and the easiest way I know of to do that is to use a spice rub. Spice rubs are super easy to make at home, and are easily customized to suit individual tastes. This article provides three easy, all purpose spice blends that can be used on all types of meat and veggies, and are easily whipped up at home!

Hopefully some, if not all, of these tips and tricks prove useful for you this summer season! What are your favorite BBQ tricks and go to hot-weather recipes for the grill? Let me know below!

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