Friday, 13 February 2015

Easy, Last Minute Valentine's Day DIYs

Still looking for that perfect gift for your loved one or Galentine? Here's a list of 14 quick & easy DIY Valentine's Day gifts and treats that you can whip up, even at the last minute!

Valentine's Day is tomorrow...TOMORROW!!! This year, L and I have decided that we are just going to give each other homemade gifts, and that we aren't going to spend a lot of money - we are saving for a wedding, and L is getting ready to go back to school, so there isn't really a whole lot of extra cash just floating around for expensive, store bought gifts. Regardless, I have always preferred giving personalized, handmade gifts; they just bring a little something special to the occasion, and show the person that you actually know them and what they love.

Are you still looking for that perfect gift for your special someone? For me at least, the first part of this year has just flown by, and Valentine's Day has totally snuck up on me, so I am definitely on the last minute train this year. I've been all over my favorite blogs looking for some last minute inspiration and here are my Top 14 Picks (one for each day of the month leading up to the day of love) for quick and easy DIY treats and gifts!

DIY Gifts

Awesome box of festive office supplies from Confetti Sunshine - this would make a great gift for your Besties this holiday!

Pink Pistacho shared the most precious tiny little package - what an adorable wrapping idea! I am a firm believer that good things can most definitely come in small packages, and when the package is this cute, the inside must be just as good!

These adorable DIY fabric heart sachets from Flamingo Toes are the perfect little gift to give out to your gals for Valentine's! Or you could attach them to your packages - they would make great gift tags!

What's better than a cute - and useful - gift? Nothing, especially if it's this heart key ring from Albion Gould!

A trip to the spa is typically quite expensive, but is one of the best gifts a girl can get (in my opinion)! This DIY Spa-in-a-jar from The Gunny Sack is a great compromise - all the pampering, with a much less expensive price tag!

I love EOS lip balm; it makes my lips so soft, and I just love the cute round packaging. I have loved giving these for gifts for years, and now Everyday Savvy makes them even cuter to give with these printable Valentine's Cards. The cards come as cute pandas or candy filled mason jars!

Looking for a fast, easy, DIY gift for your friends, family, or sweetheart? These embroidered heart hoops from Lauren Makes are quick to turn out, and can be easily colour-customized for each recipient.

Sweet Treats

Looking for an easy dessert for your Valentine's Day party? Why not try these delicious looking mason jar strawberry cakes from Mini Baker!

I love putting things in jars. It's an easy way to really tie a gift together and make it look finished, without a whole lot of effort. Head on over to Home Cooking Memories to find three simple gifts in a jar - my favorite is definitely this festive S'more kit!

A Pumpkin & A Princess posted this cute printable tag for a Father's Day gift - but it works just as well for Valentine's Day, especially for someone who loves Reese's Pieces as much as L does!

Valentine's Day is the chocolate holiday of the year! If you are going to be eating a lot of chocolate, it might as well have some fruit on the inside, you know, to kind of balance out all of that chocolate, haha! These chocolate covered raspberries from Sugarhero definitely fit the bill!

DIY V-Day Decor

A lacy spray painted mason jar candle holder is an easy holiday DIY project, and will most definitely help to set the mood for your Valentine's Day celebrations! Just wrap a piece of lace around your mason jar, and spray paint in your colour of choice; remove the lace when the paint is dry...and Ta-da!

Mason jars make the perfect candle holders. They add just the right touch of rustic charm to any decor, and when spray painted with heart cutouts like these ones by Artzy Creations, the jars add just the perfect amount of holiday flair to any party decor!

The Seasoned Homemaker shared this tutorial for homemade Valentine's Day themed tea towels. I love my kitchen and spend a lot of time there, so these would add just the right touch of Valentine's Day spirit over the holiday!

There you have it! 14 quick & easy DIY gifts and treats for tomorrow's big day. I know it's not all about the gifts, but it never hurts to give your loved one a token to show just how much they mean to you! So, grab some yummy eats, your favorite romantic movie, and snuggle up with your sweetie, and enjoy your day!

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